Our native bees are amazing

Over the summer, the native flowers we planted attracted a wide range of pollinators, including a number of native bee species. Using the City of Toronto's useful (and well illustrated) resource, Bees of Toronto: A Guide to Their Remarkable World, I've done my best to identify these garden visitors in the photos below (hint: click the photos to seem them at full size). Once you start to look for these charismatic little creatures, they're surprisingly easy to find.

Honey Bee on  Butterfly Milkweed Flower

Honey Bee + Butterfly Milkweed

Bicoloured Agapostemon bee on Spiderwort flower
Bicoloured Agapostemon + Spiderwort

Eastern Carpenter Bee on Great Blue Lobelia flower
Eastern Carpenter Bee + Great Blue Lobelia
Honey Bee on Spotted Joe Pye Weed flowers
Honey Bee + Spotted Joe Pye Weed


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